Climate change is the most critical global environmental issue we face today.  At the Sierra Leone Metrological Services, we provide an integrated approach to sustainability challenges. Businesses face increasingly complex requirements for identifying and reporting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and achieving reduction targets. Stakeholders expect companies to publically reveal their performance with regard to sustainability efforts. Businesses must decide how to respond to growing demand for environmental and social accountability.

Our Services Include:

      • Greenhouse Gas Strategies - Determining baseline and annual GHG emission inventories and developing GHG reduction strategies
      • Sustainability Planning - Developing sustainability strategies and reports
      • Sustainability Assessment - Assurance of sustainability reports

Benefits of determining GHG emissions

      • Regulatory compliance
      • Accurate reporting to customers, stockholders, and other stakeholders
      • Focus your GHG reduction efforts

Benefits of sustainability planning and reporting

      • Identify key issues and opportunities for improvement
      • Enhance reputation among stakeholders
      • Reduce impacts to human health and the environment
      • Improve corporate image
      • Satisfy shareholder and consumer expectations
      • Improve resource efficiency

Our Services